HOC 2020 2021 final

Amendment Exercise

  • Fees for amendment/revision in the pricing of registered units or other details [excluding BUMI Status and Change of Title] and submission of documents for Certification Exercise to REHDA Branch exceeding the deadline (30-days from the SPA stamping date) :
Administrative Fee - Amendment Exercise
Administrative Fee - Late Submission for Certification Exercise

* No late submissions will be entertained after 30 July 2021.


  • The fee is chargeable per submission and should be made payable to: -
        REHDA MALAYSIA Public Bank Account No: 3088280408.
        [ Name on cheque: REHDA MALAYSIA ]
  • The processing timeline for Amendment Exercise is 7 working days upon submission with payment received OR upon management approval on waiver requested. For submissions appealing for waiver, please note the processing timeline is longer depending on the approval status.
  • The amendment exercise for HOC 2020-2021 approved units/projects will close on Thursday, 15 July 2021 at 6.00 pm. Any applications/submissions for amendments after the closing date will not be entertained.


  • In view of the extension of CMCO, the certification exercise deadline for SPA stamped between 1 June to 13 November 2020 to REHDA Branches is extended to 14 December 2020.
    Please be reminded to adhere the respective Branch's SOP when submitting the documents. 
  • For change in BUMI Status, developers are not required to fill in the  Amendment Exercise form. The change is to be noted during the Certification Exercise. 
  • Amendments/revisions of Parcel/Unit No. is strictly NOT allowed.
  • New/additional units are NOT ALLOWED to be included/inserted in the amendment application/submission. New/additional units must be submitted as a new registration.